The young Berlin Avant-Garde

They belong to the third generation of top German restaurants. They are radical and successful. They are different, courageous and openly committed to a revolutionary German cuisine. Uncompromising, sometimes provocative, unadorned – and with completely new flavours.

Sebastian Frank, Horváth ★★
With Sebastian Frank as head chef, the Horváth enjoyed a rapid upswing (the first star was awarded in 2011), but also a stormy, creative development. When the managers become involved in other things in 2014, Jeannine Kessler and Sebastian Frank took over the restaurant under their own management. Today, it has one of the most creative cuisines on German soil, and Frank is something of the culinary mastermind behind a new Berlin scene, which deals with the Nova Regio cuisine in various shades.

Micha Schäfer & Billy Wagner, Nobelhart & Schmutzig ★
Nobelhart & Schmutzig dishes are made exclusively from local ingredients, are reduced and original in flavored. In addition, the cuisine is completely without traditional luxury products. That meets the spirit of the times.Host Billy Wagner and chef Micha Schäfer call their cuisine style  brutally local.

Andreas Rieger & Ivo Ebert, Einsunternull ★
einsunternull has won a lot of friends in a short time as gastronomic as well as culinary concept, friends who consider it one of the most important restaurants of the new cuisine in Germany. And yes, this cuisine is different and has very little to do with the traditional French cuisine and its offshoots. Andreas Rieger does not stick to the traditional full-course meal procedures, or only to a very small extent. He believes that what matters is which dish follows and not to work through the dishes from raw to cooked, from fish to meat, and finally to something sweet.